• Welcome to Intro to Graphic Design

    graph·ic de·sign
    [ɡrafik dəˈzīn,ˌɡrafik dēˈzīn]
     the art, profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives.
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    What will you be making?
    - starbucks cup sleeves
    - posters
    - product designs
    How will you be making these things?
    - taking original pictures
    - adobe illustrator
    - pantone color matching
    - Camera (Digital or Smartphone)
    - Cord to transfer photos to computer & charge
    - Or a memory card reader
    - USB Portable Flash Drive (8GB or more recommended)
    Intro to Graphic Design is an interactive studio-centered class. You will have the chance to take and edit your own photographs while also learning how to draw with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. ou will test your creativity and brainstorm new ideas that have never been done before. Get ready to have fun!
    Please see my Canvas Page for every-day classroom information, materials, worksheets, projects, due dates, and assignments (linked above). Our course syllabus is also linked above.
    Ms. Carpino