• Consulting
    Required Supplies for Class Each Day
    • Fully-charged computer
    • Headphones or earbuds
    • 3-ring notebook (or the use of an appropriate App for note taking such as OneNote)
    • Pens and pencils
    • Any calculator

    There is no textbook for this course 


    Course Description:  This collaborative project-based business course will allow students to more deeply integrate concepts learned in core business classes. Because students will have had varied business course sequences prior to this class, this seminar course will enable them to broaden their individual knowledge of all business disciplines, such as operational management, finance, marketing, human resources, and management. Students will develop their leadership and communication skills through a range of business opportunities including research and analysis of academic case studies, interaction with professionals from various fields of business, and facilitation of classroom seminars on a variety of course texts. Working in teams, students will develop an informed plan to resolve a business need or problem through a consultancy model that incorporates all facets of business learned throughout the program. In addition, each student will have the opportunity to work with an outside business mentor to gain insight on their projects, provide innovative solutions for the business, and even have an opportunity to present their summative project upon completion.
Last Modified on September 8, 2022