• Lab reports are to be written in third person, past tense.  The introduction may be in present tense, but should still be third person.


    1.  Cover Page

                      On the cover page you should write your name, lab partners names, the title of the lab, the teacher’s name, the date the lab was performed, and the date the report was written.  The title of the lab should be descriptive, and not merely “Lab #1.”


    2.  Abstract

                      The abstract is a very short summary (2-4 sentences) of the lab’s purpose and conclusions.  This is to be written AFTER you have completed the entire report. 


    3.  Introduction

                      The introduction should include background information on the experiment and its concepts.  You should define new and important key terms, concepts, and equations involved in the lab.  The purpose of the lab should be stated (verify a law, measure quantities, learn a skill, etc.) and should finish with your hypotheses if applicable.  The introduction should not be lengthy.  A detailed paragraph or 2 is sufficient.


    4.  Materials and Methods

                      In this section you should briefly describe the major steps of the experiment.  You should also list all of the materials (equipment and chemicals) used.  A diagram of the lab set-up would also be a good addition.


    5.  Data

                      These are your actual measurements made, before calculations.  This can be in the form of a table, but be sure to only include your raw data and no analysis.


    6.  Analysis

                      Here is where you make calculations of your raw data.  You should include a table of results and an explanation of those results.  This is the section where you would include graphs.  Conclusions are not to be made!!!


    7.  Sources of Error/Suggestions

                      To finish your lab report you should include possible sources of error in the procedure or equipment.  Do not use “human error” as a source of error.   This is also the area where you can make suggestions on how to improve the lab for future experimenters.


    8.  Conclusions

                      In this section you will summarize the key results of the lab and the important things learned in the lab.  You should discuss the outcome of your hypothesis here.  You may also include further “avenues” of research.


    9.  Works Cited

                      The final page of your lab should be a works cited page.  The works cited page should be complete in APA format.