• Lab Policies and Procedures      


    In the Laboratory

    Students who wish to participate in lab are expected to come to the lab periods wearing clothing that is in accordance with the Northern Highlands Safety Contract.  Mandatory lab attire includes safety goggles (provided) and closed-toe shoes.

    When entering the laboratory:

    ·      All belongings should be placed on the window side of the room.  Bring only your lab notebook, lab handout and a pen to the lab station. 

    ·      All experiments are to be performed in a standing position to increase alertness, response-time, and measuring ability. 

    ·      The glassware and other equipment used in the lab should be respected at all times.  In the event of broken glassware or equipment, the teacher must be notified immediately and the glass fragments disposed of into the broken glass container. 

    ·      NEVER place broken glass in the regular trash can.  ALWAYS use the dustpan and broom to sweep up shards.  The new department policy states that students are now responsible for paying the replacement fee for any equipment that they have broken or damaged in the laboratory. 

    ·      All food and beverage products, including gum, are banned from lab.



    Laboratory grades are determined by an individual lab report. Lab reports will be scored out of 25 points. While experiments will be completed with a lab group, lab grades are individual.  As such, lab reports are expected to be unique from those of the lab partners, and be written on an individual basis.  Accuracy is as important in a lab as thoughtful analysis, which is why points are assigned to both in a lab grade.


    Lab Notebook Format


    Students are expected to purchase an appropriate lab notebook for experiments separate from the classroom notebook. The appropriate book is a Carbonless Notebook. All students are expected to maintain an organized, yet hand written, record of their laboratory experiences, following a traditional scientific format. All entries should be made in blue or black ink, NEVER pencil.