• College Prep Biology

    Classroom Procedures and Expectations

    Ms. Alex Chicherchia

    Email: chicherchiaa@northernhighlands.org



        RESPECT is our main rule

    ·            Respect your peers, school property, teacher, and yourself

    ·            Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.

    ·           Be in the classroom and seated at the bell.

    ·           Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    ·           Use appropriate language – no put downs, teasing, or other inappropriate words.


         Entering the Classroom

    ·      Be ON TIME – this means seated in your chair when the bell rings! If you are late to class make sure you have a pass. 

    ·                 Students will enter the classroom and take their seat without being disruptive.

    ·                 Students will have their binder, pen/pencil, homework, and any other specified materials on their desk within the first minute of class.

    ·                 Students will immediately begin working on Do-Now activity posted in the front of the room

    ·                Cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, etc. are NOT ALLOWED in the classroom. Cell phones will be confiscated immediately if it is being utilized. Warning: No cell          phone use without Ms. Chicherchia's permission.  

    ·            There is NO food and NO drinks allowed in the classroom.

    ·                 Safety is very important!! You are NOT to handle equipment or chemicals in the classroom without my expressed consent. Failure to follow instructions may cause you to be removed from lab and will result in a zero for that assignment/lab. (See Safety Contract).


          Homework/Classwork Completion

    ·               Unless you are absent, late homework is not acceptable.

    ·                Major assignments that are missing will result in a phone call/email home.


          Leaving/Moving Around the Classroom

    ·                Use the appropriate signal to move around and/or leave the classroom.

    ·               Make a strong effort to use the bathroom during passing time.

    ·             Refrain from leaving your seat during a lecture, presentation, or class discussion unless otherwise specified by teacher.


        Consequences for failing to adhere to these expectations are up to the teachers discretion and may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:

    ·              Verbal Warning

    ·             Student-Teacher Discussion

    ·            Teacher Detention/ Central Detention/ Saturday Detention

    ·            Phone call to parent/guardian and/or note to administrator

    ·            Student sent directly to their grade level administrator