• Great Adventure Physics Trip
    The date for the Great Adventure trip is
    Wednesday, June 5, 2019
    Rain or Shine!!! 
    Please return check for $65* made out to "Northern Highlands Regional High School" (student's name on "memo") WITH signed 2019 Permission Slip by
    no later than Monday, May 6, 2019.
    Six Flags Great Adventure
    If you normally arrive to school by school bus, that's fine.  You don't need to get a ride to school earlier than that.  We should arrive at the park by 9:30 or 10AM, leave by 4PM, and return to Highlands no later than 7PM.  If you have a season pass, then you can pay $25, but please do bring the pass with you on the trip.  Cell phones and ipods are allowed.  Don't bring a lot of stuff with you.  The park searches all bags and visitors must pass through a metal detector.  If you do bring a lot of stuff (not recommended), then there is some chance that you could leave it on the bus (this has been true in past years), or use a storage locker for a nominal fee.  Bring some money for lunch, souvenirs, and games along the midway.  Dress comfortably, but conservatively in accord with the park's "family friendly policy", and you may want to consider a hat and or sun-block.  I would prefer payment by check with the student's name(s) in the "memo".
    *Great Adventure is very serious about maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. I agree with their resolve in this matter. A few years ago four students were detained by park police for repeatedly failing to obey the instructions of park authorities and lewd behavior. All the students and chaperones who went on the trip had to wait for GA's legal department to explore the possibilities of re-releasing those students back into our custody. This is the only time in the years that I have been in charge of the trip that this has happened, however, if it happens to anyone this year, those individuals will remain in the custody of the park police until they can be released directly back to the custody of their parents. I will not be responsible for anyone arrested during the course of the outing. Please represent yourself and our school with your very best behavior out of a thoughtful consideration for others and for the consequences you will suffer if you do not. Thank you!
    Mr. Clifton