• And the Winners Are..... 

    Most Real Hot Air Balloons (too bad the heat in the room killed them!)- Kaeley Sullivan 
    Hot Air  beaker in hot
    Cartoon Hermione Hand Drawn - Gavin Murtha
     Hermione Hand Drawn- Lauren Trainor
    Melted Crayon Periodic Table - Sarah Lapi 
     crayon periodic
    Glittery Chemopoly - Vilija Paulius 
     Configuration Wedding- Greta Krell
     Interesting Modern Art- Gabriella Genao
    Trail Map- In case you are lost on Atomic Mass Mountain- Reilly Lavrich 
     Melted Crayon Beaker....it was the year of the melted crayon- Tom Hamrah 
     beaker crayon
    Nightmare on Zushma Street- Byung Kim 
    Cannoli's- Katie Corriston 
    food  corriston
    Best Repurpose of a Crane- Christian Virgona 
    Procrastinator's Guide- Most Creative Book- Will Downs 
     guide page 2 page 3
Last Modified on December 29, 2014