Chemistry Assignments
    Beaker and Bunsen
    Lab Chemistry Materials List:

    To be successful in my Chemistry class you will need the following materials:


      1. One Folder for handouts/a single subject notebook: So the way I run class is that if you want to use your device you can and if you want to hand write your notes you can.  There are still some handouts and activities that will require paper so I think a single subject notebook and a sturdy folder should work well for my class. 
      2. Scientific Calculator-  We do tons of math in chemistry (in case you didn't know that) and you need a calculator that can do scientific notation and has a "log" button.  Graphing calculators work fine if you have one, if not any scientific calculator will do. 
      3. A Willingness to Learn the coolest science ever-- Chemistry!! 
    All of my class information will be on my Canvas Page.  I will show you in class how to log in. If you have questions please email me.



Last Modified on June 10, 2021