4th Quarter -- The Final Senior Project
    Throughout this 4th quarter, we have been exploring rhetorical structures by reading and analyzing various mentor texts.  Here are some additional guidelines for Monday's assignment (May 11).
    Choice 1:  Find an example of satirical writing.  Print it out, annotate in 5 places throughout the text, comment on each annotation in 2-3 sentences, and identify the claim. Model what we did in class with the parody of the college essay. If you are using visual text, you must provide the link on the same page as your annotations and claim.
    Choice 2:  Create your own parody.  Include a copy of the original text.  For example, if you were writing a parody of Pharrell Williams's song "Happy," you would include the lyrics.  A parody mimics the language, style, and tone of the original.  It is edgy, but not mean.  The humor is subtle.
    Objective:  To understand how to present an effective booktalk.
    Objective:  To understand how to analyze visual text 
    Week 20
    Please make sure to be ready to go!  You must let me know if you are not going to be in class so that we can arrange for you to present to me or to a different audience. 
    Tuesday -- Carly and Paul
    Thursday -- Caroline and Nick
    Friday -- Amanda and Marco 
    Week 19 (January 12)
    This week (beginning Tuesday) and next week everyone will be presenting his/her creative adaptation of the research paper.
    On Monday I will share the first semester assessment essay assignment, which will be due at the end of the first week in the second semester.  We will also visit the library so that you can choose your next book.
    Week 18
    We will spend the week of January 5 in Room 103, working to put the finishing touches on the projects.  You will present during the last 2 weeks of classes.
    Please remember that the entire plan for your project is due before the break, neatly typed.  I will need the discussion of your audience and the list of your 3 new sources,  your rubric with at least 5 columns, your "storyboard" (or detailed outline), and your work plan for the days through January 11, which is when the text for your project is due. 
    I have to have these in my hand before the break for credit.  If you are going to be away, I still need them by the end of the minimum day, December 23, for credit.  I will not give credit for this assignment if it is late, as I stated earlier in our process.
    Remember -- we will be in 103 the week after the break.  Bring your own devices, if you need to.  I will have a laptop for recording the podcasts. Let me know what else you need from me well in advance, please.
    I will schedule the presentations after the break.  We have only 3 weeks left.  Don't forget -- I'm inviting guests (and you may also). 
    Don't forget that next week's presentations have been rescheduled.  Meet in 213 first for our lab days, and then we'll move down to the library. 
    Good luck with your rough drafts!
Last Modified on June 22, 2017