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    This coursed is designed to help you:

    a.       understand and apply the scientific method of investigation, observation, and inquiry to gain

    knowledge about all the living parts of earth.

    b.       foster an appreciation for the vast diversity of life forms, and to recognize how their basic needs and life processes are remarkably the same.

    c.        foster an appreciation of how major discoveries and events have advanced science and technology and how that technology is used today.

    d.       grow to love the learning process, and to assist you in achieving your full academic potential.




    1.        Three ring binder with dividers:  2 inch binder recommended.





    1)      Be ON TIME – this means seated in your chair when the bell rings!!  If you are late to 

             class make sure you have a pass. 


    2)      RESPECT your classmates and teacher.  Respect the property and your classmates

             next to you.  Disagreements will be settled quickly and maturely.  Do not raise your 

             voice or speak disrespectfully.  Disrespect towards myself or other classmates will not

             be tolerated. 


    3)      Be PREPARED!!!  Be ready to work when the bell rings.  You must always have your

             binder and something to write with in order to be prepared for class.  All other

             materials (backpack, books for other classes, iPods, etc.) are stored properly in the side 



    4)      I will be available for extra help every morning from 7:00am to 7:30 am in room 310

             and will be available for help most afternoons until 3:00pm.   Please make

             arrangements AHEAD OF TIME so that I know that you are coming in for extra



    5).    Cell phones and NOT ALLOWED in the classroom.  Cell phones will be

            confiscated immediately if it can be heard, or is being utilized. NO EXCEPTIONS.


    6).     There is NO food and NO drinks allowed in the classroom.


    7).     Safety is very important!!  You are NOT to handle equipment or chemicals in the classroom  

              without my expressed consent. Failure to follow instructions may cause you to be removed from lab and

              will result in a zero for that assignment/lab. (See Safety Contract).



    Your grade will be determined on a point scale.  Every assignment I give you during the course of the year is worth a certain number of points.  To determine your grade you take the number of points you accumulated over the quarter and divide it by the total number of points it was possible to earn during that quarter. 
























    * To calculate your grade you would take the 161/185 = 0.87 * 100 = 87 as your grade.

        *NO extra credit will be offered on an individual basis so please do not ask.


    HOMEWORK (~10% of Final Grade):

    Homework will be based out of either 5 or 10 points depending upon size and scope of assignment and whether or not it was reviewed in class.

    Despite the small point value, one should not underestimate the power of 10 graded homework assignments to greatly impact the overall grade for the semester!

    There are no points for a late homework assignment!!

    All assignments that were not turned in due to absence must be turned in the following day.


    QUIZZES (~20% of Final grade):  All quizzes will cover a smaller section of a chapter or specific topic and the number of quizzes may vary based upon my perception of the students learning.  Style of quizzes will also vary (multiple choice, open-ended, free response, etc.) Each quiz will be based out of 20 to 40 points. 


    LABS (~25% of Final Grade):  Laboratory assignments will be given in order to reinforce concepts as well as stimulate active learning.  They are a major part of this class and are worth anywhere from 20-50 points. 


    TESTS (~45% of Final Grade):  Tests are a tool used to assess learning and will compromise the majority of points for each marking period.  However, a poor performance on a test does not mean a poor grade.  There are many other opportunities to succeed.  Tests will vary in style and number of questions including multiple choice, open ended, and data analysis to explain scientific phenomena.  Test will be worth 100 points.


    Student Engagement and Advocacy :

     You will be expected to contribute to class discussions and more importantly, ask thoughtful questions that will drive instruction.  Asking high level scientific questions gives you the opportunity to brainstorm and investigate phenomena using an inquiry approach.  You will struggle; and it is the responsibility of each student to advocate for themselves.  If you don’t understand a concept, ask.  If you still don’t understand, ask a friend or look it up online.  If you still don’t understand, set up time for additional help.  Each student learns at a different pace.  My expectation is for you to ask for help when needed and put in the necessary time and effort to succeed.           


    Academic Integrity:

                    Rules governing cheating are clearly delineated in the student handbook and will be stringently enforced. 



    Students are responsible for all missed work.  It is your responsibility to ask me if you have missed work while you were absent.

    1)      Homework:  If you are absent you have one day to make up missed homework.  All assignments will be posted on Schoolwires.  I will update it regularly to reflect course assignments and upcoming dates of importance.


    2)      Tests and Quizzes:  When a student misses a test, he/she is responsible for scheduling a make-up test.  If you are absent the day of an exam, be prepared to take it the day you return. 


    3)      Labs: Labs must be made up within one week of your return to school.  After one week a grade of a “0” will be assigned if the lab is not made up.  Please make an appointment with me before or after school to make up a lab. 



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