• As explained at Back to School night the first 3-4 weeks my Basic Woods classes will be lectures and demonstrations covering all hand tools, electric tools and floor model machines. The main emphasis of all lectures will be on how to use all tools safely and correctly. Safety will be stressed daily along with proper wood working techniques needed to know in order to construct quality projects. All hand tools such as sanders, drills, jig saw, bisque joiner,doweling jig,countersink, plugs, clamps , screws, nail gun, and glue.Floor model machines that will be covered will be band saw,router, disc,spindle,and belt sander, radial arm saw, table saw, joiner, drill presses miter saw and surface planer. We will also cover wood finishes such as stain, paint, oils and polycrylic.
        Sept.23 - Sept. 30th Students will review all machines, tools and shop procedures. A practical test will be given along with safety knowledge. Work will begin this week starting with students practicing with all shop tools, designing their cutting boards and begin to make all Rips on the Table Saw to begin cutting board designs. 
          Oct. 7- Oct.31 Students begin to glue all strips of wood together using bar clamps and titebond glue. They let set over night and begin to plane down cutting boards until smooth and flat.Students than begin to cut their boards into designs handed in at beginning of school year. They than  glue pieces back together using the same procedure they used when they started gluing their strips of wood together. After gluing  projects are left to dry. Upon removing clamps all boards are run through the planer to make sure all strips of wood are level and smooth.
Last Modified on October 22, 2013