• Our next Stock Club Meeting has been changed to 1PM on Thursday, October 29th at 3:15 PM

    Zoom Link for Thursday, October 29th Meeting  All meetings are virtual for now.

    October 15th Presentation

    Below are the Game Instructions.  The two documents also have instructions for the required Membership Registration Googleform, the Remind App, our Instagram, and special game rules.   Please review these carefully.    
    Prior Member Instructions  (If you already have a MarketWatch Account)
    This is the Powerpoint Presentation we used for the special Freshmen meeting on October 8th. 
    It may be helpful for ANY new members to review it.  Presentation to New Members
    Make sure you know the following Game Rules to avoid being disqualified from winning!
    • You may NOT purchase or short sell more than $25,000 in any ONE stock or fund
    • You must purchase at least 5 stocks or funds by the end of the game (December 11th 2020)
    • You can make no more than 5 buy or short sell transactions during the final week of the game (December 7th to 11th)
    • You may not make more than 100 trades in the game
    • You must attend at least half of our meetings
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