• Our next Stock Market Club meeting is this Thursday March 23rd in the Middle Caf immediately after school.
    We will introduce our new $1,000,000 Sprint to the Finish Game - a 3-week game with no rules.*
    For example, you can invest any or all of your million dollars in a single trade and you can do as few or as many trades as you want.
    Everyone has a shot at winning the $1,000,000 Sprint to the Finish! - even if you haven't previously joined the club.
    The winner of this new game will receive a prize.  Keep in mind, only the winners of the 11-week Spring Challenge game will get their name(s) on the trophy.
    The password is finance 
    There are only 2 club meetings left: March 23rd and the final meeting of the year (April 13th).
    On April 13th, we will announce the winners of both the Spring 2023 Stock Market Challenge and the Sprint to Finish Game at 3PM Sharp (subject to verification of no illegal trades).  
    Make sure you've attended at least half of our meetings this year to get credit for being a club member.
    We hope to see you on Thursday.  

    If you have done so for the year, make sure you completed the Club Membership Registration Form:  https://forms.gle/m7iw2MXxhRuNhv9t9


Last Modified on March 23, 2023