• Our next and last Stock Market Club meeting of the year will be this Thursday, April 21st in the Middle Caf immediately after school.
    The 10-week game is now over (see below).  However, there is still time to win our $1,000,000 Sprint to the Finish Game.  As you know, this game has no rules (aside from MarketWatch's required $1 minimum price per share).  The Sprint game will end at 3PM on Thursday and we will know/announce the winner during Thursday's meeting.  
    Congratulations to Sabrina Mancero who won the 10-week Highlands Spring 2022 Challenge.  At the end of the game on April 8th, she had nearly $127,000 in net worth.  That's a 27% increase and a 140% rate of return on an annualized basis.  
    During this 10-week period, the Dow was as low as 32,600 and as high as 35,780 - a 3,000+ point swing.  But in the end, the Dow finished at 34,760 - up only about 600 points since we started on January 27th.  That's only a 2% increase - making the results for Sabrina as well as any of the people in the Top 10 all the more impressive.  Did you beat the Dow?  
    Sanbrina will have her name added to our trophy. The winner of the Sprint to the Finish Game will receive a prize.
    Make sure you've attended at least half of our meetings this year to get credit for being a club member.
Last Modified on April 19, 2022