• 2020-2021 Spanish 2 and Spanish 2H 

    Señora Trass


      *Materials: You will need:

    • 3-ring binder,
    • paper,
    • pens and pencils
    • Make sure you keep a folder
    • It is highly recommended that you bring an English- Spanish dictionary with you to class

    *Grading Policy:

    -Total Points System: Simply Divide Total Earned Points By Total Possible Points

    Here is an EXAMPLE:


    Total Possible Points

    Earned Points

    Quiz #1












    102/120= 85% B



    • You can expect to have tests, quizzes, projects, homework, class assignments, formal and informal writing assignments, daily participation, and more over the course of a marking period.


    • Homework completion is mandatory.
    • Some assignments may be collected and counted as a grade.  You will be notified which ones are to be turned in.
    • Credit will not be given for late homework, unless a student is out due to an EXCUSED absence.
    • Credit will not be given for incomplete homework.
    • All students begin with a 100 as a homework grade. Each assignment that is not done or incomplete will result in a 3 point deduction.  For example, if a student misses or does not complete 4 assignments over the course of the marking period, their homework grade would be an 88.

    *Class participation

    • Learning to communicate in a second language is a social experience, so to create the best environment, you are expected to arrive on time and participate actively in every class. You will receive a weekly grade (0-5 points) entered monthly for participation and performance.
    • A grade of 5 is earned by the student who is well prepared for class, is actively involved in ALL class activities, and uses Spanish creatively and intelligently.
    • A grade of 4 is earned by the student who is involved but does not participate fully and successfully.
    • A grade of 3 is received by the student who is present but participates minimally.
    • Grades of 2 or 1 are earned by students who arrive late, are unprepared, or whose behavior impedes their own learning or that of others.
    • A grade of 0 is given for unexcused


    • In the event that you are absent, you are responsible for making up the missing work. 
    • Check Canvas found online through the school’s website at www.northernhighlands.org to get any assignments you missed while absent. 
    • Hand in the assignment(s) that you missed within one day of returning from your absence (or as discussed with your teacher)
    • Make up tests or quizzes within a few days to one week.

     Daily Conduct

    • Be prepared and organized on a daily basis.
    • Gum chewing, eating, and drinking in class are not permitted.  You may have water in a clear bottle. 
    • Electronic devices are to be used as instructed to do so by the teacher. (Your device must be charged and ready to be utilized on a daily basis) 
    • Respect yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and the equipment and materials in our classroom.
    • If you need to exit the room to use the lavatory, go to the nurse, etc, you must ask permission and obtain a pass. 

    Extra Help

    • I am available for extra help most afternoons immediately after school.  Please see me for an appointment and I’d be happy to help!


    • A Spanish-English Dictionary is an excellent resource to have.
    • I encourage participation in our school’s Spanish Club!