Class Size - 29
    Week 1 - 9/12 to 9/16 
    Goal: introduce students to the different components of a challenge based curriculum 
    OBJ:  Students will:
    • Learn a vareity of exercise and the muscle they activate
    • practice and become proficient at tying the required knots used in thsi class
    • apply safety checks for checking knots and putting on harnesses 
     - Warm-ups & jog  ( Jog will be 2 x per week for 5 min)
     - Belay ropes - how to check, release twist -
     - Knots - square & bowline w/ safety
     - Harnesses - how to put on, safety check points
     - Equipment & uses - stitch plate, carabiner, figure 8, helmet - how to thread belay line
    Dept Grading Rubric
    Student effort & demonstration of understanding
    WEEK 2 - 9/19 to 9/23 
     Goal: Become proficient at safety checks, knots, and belaying
    Objective:  Students will:
    • Review all safety checks and knots
    • Learn & practice the phsyical skills of slip-grab-slide- brake
    • Practice belaying with partners and on indoor elements
    • Continue to learn exercises and their impact on various muscle groups
    •  Exercise and warm-ups including jog
    • review off all previous learned skills and knowledge
    • Belay using multiple groups
    • Cargo Net - dual climb  with commands
    •  Based on Dept Rubric
    • student participation and mastery of required skills and safety checks
    WEEK 3 - 9/26 to 9/ 29 
    Goal: To complete the element called the Vertical Obstacle Course
    Objective:  Students will:
    • Review and practice all knots, belaying, safety checks
    • work inteams to have all attempt the VOC
    • Particpate to the best of their ability
    • Continue to  learn the value of exercise and fitness
    •  Vertical Obstacle Course
    • Assign students to equipment
    • Go to outdoor course and element'
    • Demonstrate a first time set-up of the element including knots.
    • Allow students to determine climbng pairs, belayers, back-ups , and order of climbing
    • Inforce saying : "No spectators - only motivators"
    • Debrief at the end of each days class - transfer 
    •  Dept. Rubric
    • student participation and attempts to climb& belay
    WEEK 4 - 10/4 to10/7
     GOAL:  To learn to break down & set-up elements.  We will also begin the Ships Crossing and Flying Squirrel elements.
     OBJECTIVE:    Students will:
       - Break down the Vertical Obstacle Course and set-up the ships crossing and squirrel
       - Learn the steps for breakdown and set-up
       - Develop belay teams to support the 2 climbers
       - Continue to develop and demonstrate their understanding of safety checks, belaying, and overcoming fear of heights.
       - Continue to exercise and learn about muscle activation. 
      - Exercise before each class with 2 X 5 minute jog\
      - Students will carry equipment to element - harness up - create climbing & belay order
      - Student centered lesson each day
      - debreif each day about what was accomplished by the group. 
     - Dept. Rubric to guide for consistency
     - Each students effort, participation in all phases of each days lesson
     - Demonstration of skills and knowledge - performance-based assessment
    WEEK of 10/10 to 10/14 
    GOAL:  To attrempt to climb and successfully traverse teh Ships Crossing and Flying Squirrel
     OBJECTIVE: Students will:
     - Continue to improve in theri safety checks, belay skills, and communication
     - Attempt to climb, with a partner, ships crossing and try the flying squirrel
     - Demonstrate thier knowledge of belaying, climbing safety, and problem-solving for each element 
     - Participate and share their thoughts during our debriefing circle 
     - Warm-up routine - CORE Focus - run 2 X this week
     - Students will set-up the FS & SX - all equipment will be transported by the students
     - Climbing/belaying order will be decided among the students - Decision-making & cooperation
     - Students not climbing with be supportive and can be in one of the several back-up roles
     - Students will try their best
     - Dept Rubric Guide
     - Student participation & effort in all phases of each day's lesson
     - Student demonstration of skills & knowledge learned to this point
    WEEK of 10/17 to 10/21 
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