Course Expectations and Grading Policy

    Mrs. Antigua 

    Learning a foreign language requires daily study. You are expected to be an active listener and participate in class; this means that you should follow all class procedures. Examples of non-participation are eating, writing during listening time, inappropriate output, making no attempt to speak Spanish, working on different class assignment, disrupting class, failing to turn assignment, etc.   


    Course requirements include: 

    Speak Spanish as your level allows.

    Work daily on grammar exercises.

    Use dictionary during classwork if really needed.

    Do homework/School wires

    Practice listening skills by watching television or listening to the radio in Spanish.


     Suggested Materials for all classes


    Dictionary English/Spanish

    Loose-leaf paper, Pencils and one small pencil sharpened


    Grading Procedures for Spanish classes:

    The grades for each semester/marking period will be determining in this manner:

    Projects/Tests [40%]

    Quizzes [30%]

    Class assignments [20%]

    Home assignments [10%]


    Students will have a minimum of five major forms of assessments per semester marking period. A major assessment can best be described as a test/paper/project or presentation.


    Quizzes: There will be a weekly quiz on vocabulary, grammar, listening, and/or speaking. You will have also notebook quizzes.

    Binders: Must be brought to class every day and must NOT contain other subjects. This binder should be written in pencil or black pen.

    Final Exam: weight is 15%; each semester marking period is 42.5% Students are encouraged to save all notes and handouts for review.



    • No late work will be accepted unless there is a valid excuse, ie. Illness.    
    • Work assigned prior to an absence is due the day you return to class
    • Tests and quizzes can be made up before or after school. Notify me in advance if you are coming.
    • Please use MLA format.
    • All assignments for this course should be your own work. You are not permitted to have another student, a tutor, or friend correct the work you are to turn in. You may not use electronic translation programs to do any of the work for this course (WordReference.com is ok) the only exception to the above is if you are specifically assigned to work with another student.
    • Discipline problems that cannot be resolved between teacher and student on the first offense, will involve parents. If the problems persist, the appropriate administrator will also become involved.
    • Misbehaviors will lead to the following consequences:

    First offense- Warning

    Second offense- Student/teacher conference

    Third offense- Parent notification

    Fourth offense- Referral to an administrator.





Last Modified on June 22, 2021