• Grading Policy
    Student grades in all classes are determined on a total points basis.  In order to determine your grade at any point in the semester, simply divide the total number of points you have earned by the total amount of points it was possible to have earned.  The decimal value will be your average in the class.  Points will break down as follows:
    Tests and major assessments (essays, projects, etc) will account for at least 60% of the total possible points in a semester.
    Homework, short writings  and other small assessments will account for the remainder of the total possible points in a semester.
    Please bear in mind that this grading system will make it seem like single assessments carry far more weight early on in the semester than they ultimately will when the final semester grade is calculated.  If, for example, you earn a 95 on your first test, your average will be a 95 until other grades are added.  If you then miss 4 homework assignments, your average will drop significantly.  Conversely, if the only recorded grades are 3 homework assignments and you miss one, your grade will appear to be a 66.  At the end of the semester, however, the 10 points for that homework assignment, when considered with a total of likely more than a thousand possible points overall, may impact your grade by only a fraction of a percent. 
    Classroom Expectations
    RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY pretty much cover it, but I'll detail a little bit more about that here:
    •  Please arrive to class on time.  To me, this means that you are ready to learn when the bell rings (in your seat, prepared with appropriate materials)
    • All class assignments are due at the start of the class period, regardless of the format in which you submit them.  You will lose 10 points per day a major assessment is turned in late.  Homework assignments are designed to prepare you for class activities and are typically reviewed in class.  For this reason, no credit will be given for late homework unless you are absent from school on the day an assignment is due.
    • Writing is a process, and for the majority of writing assignments in this class, you will be expected to submit evidence your work has gone through that process.  For such assignments, no final work will be accepted until process work has been submitted.  This means, for example, you can not turn in what you consider to be a final draft of an essay for a grade until you show me that you have completed and significantly edited a rough draft according to assignment instructions.
    • All major writing assignments must be submitted to turnitin.com in order to be considered for a grade.  I will not collect hard copies of writing assignments from you.
    • English classes often rely on discussion as a learning tool.  In order to create the best environment possible for such discussions to occur, please listen attentively and comment constructively. 
    • If you need to be excused from the classroom to visit the restroom or your locker at any point during the period, please do so quietly and take the pass with you.  If the pass is available, you have permission to leave briefly.  If it is not available, please wait to leave until it is.  Please also avoid leaving during the first and last 10 minutes of the class period. Abuse of the pass will result in loss of privileges. 
    • Please remember that a lot of people work hard to keep our classroom clean and your assistance is much appreciated.  Please make sure your garbage makes it to the appropriate receptacle before you leave the room and you clean up any mess you make during the course of the class period.
Last Modified on September 7, 2017