• Yearbook Photos & Portraits
    Senior Portrait Dates: September 27, 28, 29, 30 (by appointment only)
    Senior Portrait Location: Room 100
    To Schedule and Appointment: Please contact Lors Photography directly at 908-964-0847 or email to customerservice@lorsstudio.com
    It is important that you show up for your scheduled appointment time and take your senior portrait to ensure that your photo appears in the yearbook. You do not need to bring anything to the photo shoot other than yourself!! Proofs and order forms will be mailed directly home after your session!
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    MAKE UP DATE: October 27 & 28 in Room 100 / Conference Center
    By Appointment Only - Please contact LORS directly  at 908-964-0847 to schedule an appointment time for one of the make-up days listed above. 
    You will be taking your portrait photo during your gym class period on the dates listed below:
    Dates: September 7, 8, 9
    Location: High School Gymnasium
    Photographers will be in the MAIN GYM from 8am - 2pm.
    You should make it a priority to stop by the gym when you are ON CAMPUS even if you don't have PE scheduled that day.
    MAKE UP DATE:  If you missed having your portrait taken on the dates listed above, then please show up to Room 100 anytime on October 26 between 8am -2pm  to have your portrait taken.
    If you missed having your portrait taken on any of the dates listed above, please contact LORS directly at 908-964-0847 to schedule a private appointment


    You will need to select your yearbook pose before Nov. 20th. 
    You can login to www.lorsstudio.com/orders.php with the login number provided on your proofs. 
    You MUST select a pose that starts with YB and is in the tux/drape (no grad gowns)
    Once you make the selection YOU MUST CHECKOUT as if you were "buying" the pose selection. 
    After you checkout YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION that the pose was selected. 

    If you prefer, you can also submit your pose selection by calling LORS at 908-964-0847
    Please do this BEFORE NOV 20th or a pose will be selected for you. (If you are waiting for re-takes, you can do this after your re-takes are loaded onto the site.)
     If you have any question regarding photo packages, pricing, or portrait dates, please contact LORS directly:

    923 Rahway Avenue
    Union , NJ 07083
    (908) 964-0847

    all other Yearbook Photo related questions, please contact:
    • Doreen Albano, Yearbook Advisor
    phone: 201-327-8700 ext. 414 (voice mail only)


Last Modified on September 8, 2022