Parent Ad Order Form / Messages to Seniors
    This is your opportunity to send your graduating senior a message of good luck by placing a “parent ad” in the NHRHS yearbook.  A parent ad consists of a message to your senior and is usually accompanied by recent or past photograph(s).  The yearbook is printed in full color, so please keep that in mind when creating your ad and/or selecting your pictures. This is a popular section because the students do not see the ads until the yearbook is distributed at the end of the year in June.
    Deadline for Parent Ad Submissions is:  >>> November 4th
    • PAYMENTS: please make checks payable to NHRHS and send in via mail with completed order form
    • ORDER FORM: please mail completed order form & payment to Mary Lardiere at NHRHS
    • PHOTOS/TEXT: you can mail hard copies of photos and text to Mary Lardiere at NHRHS
    (please note: photos will not be returned)
    • PHOTOS/TEXT: you can EMAIL us your photos/text to: yearbook@northernhighlands.org
    - digital photos (300dpi JPGS only)
    - written text or message (send as a word doc or type into the email body)
    - completed design (camera-ready, saved as a 300dpi JPG, only available for Full Page or 1/2 page Ads)
    • Mary Lardiere, Business Advisor
    phone:  201-327-8700 ext. 389 (voice mail only)

    • Doreen Albano, Yearbook Advisor
    phone: 201-327-8700 ext. 414 (voice mail only)


Last Modified on September 17, 2019