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    Portfolios are a personal record of your work. It can function like a diary, tracking your artistic development over time. Portfolios are built over long periods. They serve as the means by which you represent yourself as an artist to individuals,educational institutions and prospective employers.


    The Art Department and its members have created this guideline sheet to impress upon you the importance of the portfolio. The guidelines below are intended to aid you in the process of acquiring a portfolio to exhibit your work, choosing artistic work to include in your portfolio and developing a critical sense of objectivity in the assessment of your work and the work of others.



    A. Why do I need a portfolio for my Art course work?



    1. The importance of the student portfolio is to track progress and development of the student artist.
    1. The portfolio is also necessary for a student to apply for acceptance to the AP Studio Art program.
    1. The student portfolio will prime students to maintain a collection of their best work as done by any professional artist. 
    1. Submission of a portfolio of individual work is often required for applicants to Art schools.


    B. What Art courses at Northern Highlands require portfolio review for admission to the course?


    A minimum of eight drawings or paintings must be submitted by any student artist wishing to enroll in AP Studio Art in Drawing. 


    A minimum of ten completed photographs (8 must be from the darkroom) must be submitted by any student artist wishing to enroll in AP Studio Art in 2D Design Photography. 


    Students may submit artwork created outside of the school curriculum. 


    The AP course culminates with submission of a 24-piece portfolio to be assessed for its artistic merits by AP Studio Art teachers and university professors from across the nation.


    C. What type of work should be included in the portfolio?


    The student’s best work should be showcased in the student portfolio. Both student and teacher select work to be added to the portfolio during the course of the academic year. 

    Not everything that a student produces during the course is required to be in the portfolio collection. Only those items that show change or growth in cognition should be included.  Students may also submit work they have completed outside of school.


    Slides or digital images are not going to be accepted in place of artwork. 


    D. What types of portfolios are there?


    Work must be submitted in an organized folder or container that has been designated for storing artwork. The folder must be sized according to the dimensions of the artwork submitted.  A student may choose to purchase an archival folder or portfolio from any art supply store. 


    E. When will portfolio submissions take place?


    All AP Portfolios must be submitted to the art department by the beginning of December.  



Last Modified on June 21, 2020