Northern Highlands Volleyball     

    All the information below is tentative and may change due to the COVID-19 regulations.  I will try to update the information if/when anything changes.  I will also communicate through email, so if you have any questions, please email me at schanstinc@northernhighlands.org


    2021 Athletic Forms Link: https://www.northernhighlands.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1955  (Must complete all forms by July 22.  If your physical is not due until after July 22, please submit the other forms and your current physical)


    It is extremely important that all MEDICAL FORMS and FAMILY ID information are completed.  If your physical does not expire until after this date, you still must submit all the proper paper work in order to participate in any NHVB activity.   I have provided the link above: 



    ATHLETIC PACKET INFO         All information in here is critical to participation in a sport at NH.  Please review and complete all the requirements.  This information is also available on the Athletics page on the school web site.  
    HHQ/X FORM     PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THE UPDATED X-FORM - This is a must to make sure you are signed up for VOLLEYBALL

    NHVB CAMP REGISTRATION: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5LZJKMLpqjeLrmCOj98jSlMlB4KNS8ve-9tpoA-3Bwh23bg/viewform?usp=sf_link

    2021 Volleyball Season Calendar: CLICK HERE
    2021 Volleyball Program Expectations: CLICK HERE
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at schanstinc@northernhighlands.org
Last Modified on September 9, 2021