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    Classes I am teaching this year:
    Italian III CP
    This course is a continuation of speaking in practical situations, requiring knowledge of language structure and culture learned in Italian II.  As students develop greater proficiency of spoken and written Italian, they study the characteristics of the different regions of Italy.  Reading selections are chosen essentially for their cultural significance and student interest 

    Italian III Honors
    This course is a more in-depth study of Italian language and culture. Students learn 
    to express themselves using more advanced grammatical structures, and continuing 
    the study of Italian arts and music. Students are required to express themselves in 
    written and spoken Italian. Reading and writing selections are chosen for cultural 
    significance and student interest. 
    Italian IV CP
    This course is a continuation of the main elements of Italian III; however, a more in-depth study of Italian grammar takes place so that students have an adequate command of language patterns. Over the year, students will express themselves in reading, writing and speaking in the target language.
    Listening skills will steadily advance throughout the year as students acquire new vocabulary and have more opportunities to practice what they have learned. Interpersonal, presentational and interpretive modes will be used in every unit to increase student proficiency in Italian.  
    Italian IV Honors

    This course is a continuation of the main elements of Honors Italian III; however,

    the degree of difficulty, reading material, grammar, and overall course tempo are

    greater. Students engage in extensive improvisational conversation, as well as

    higher-order oral work, reading, writing, and testing. While studying Italian

    literature and culture, students continue to express themselves in more complex interpretive,

    interpersonal, and presentational modes.

    Please refer to the class pages on the left for assignments and due dates.

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