AP Studio Art: 2/D Design Photography

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    AP Studio Photo Summer Assignment

    Mrs. Lardiere

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    You have signed up for AP Studio Art Photography for the upcoming school year.  This course is designed for students who wish to pursue art in college or would like the challenge of college level assignments while still in high school. 

    All of the following summer work should be completed by the start of school, and film should be brought in by September 7.

    All aspects of this assignment are very important to your AP Portfolio.  They will be used in your AP Exam Portfolio in May.  This assignment is based on the criteria outlined by the College Board AP Studio Art requirements.  To find out more information about the different aspects and requirements of the portfolio go to



    You are to complete 5 rolls of 36 exposure film over the summer. Consequently, if you do not complete this film assignment, you will not be successful in the first semester because much of the semester will be spent working on this assignment.  Below are 2 required assignments that must be included within your 5 rolls of film.  The film must be 36 exposures, Kodak T Max 400 or Ilford HP5 PLUS.  You do not have to shoot on a single topic, but I am looking for well composed, thoughtful and unique images.


    Assignment 1: (3 rolls of film)
    This part of the assignment is asking you to create images using either past techniques learned or technical practices in photography.  SNAPSHOTS OF YOUR VACATION WILL NOT BE COUNTED!  Your images must show strength in design and composition.  The list below includes general guidelines to good photography.  Choose at least 5 from the following list to photograph. 


    Rule of Thirds (placing the subject off center)



    Leading lines

    Unique angles or viewpoints


    Close-up of texture


    Details of a machine (such as an engine or motorcycle)


    Architectural detail


    Light through a window

    Character portraits of someone’s face that really speaks to you

    Long exposure

    Document something that you are passionate about


    (See reverse side for more info)



    Assignment 2: (2 rolls of film)


    Since much of the course will focus on strong composition, you must complete 2 rolls of your film on the following and:

               Elements: line, texture, space, value, shape, form

               Principles: unity, balance, repetition, variety, emphasis, scale


    You should shoot 2 rolls based on the above elements and principles. The images must have strong compositions with obvious use of elements and principles of design. 


    Concept, idea, craftsmanship and the creation of a visually successful design will all be components of every grade.  Do not wait until the last minute to shoot.  I want to see strong images with strong subject matter. 


    Any questions, please email me lardierem@northernhighlands.org


    Have a wonderful summer.  I am looking forward to seeing all the work you create!

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