• Honors Studio Photography

    Mrs. Lardiere

    Northern Highlands Regional High School

    Email: lardierem@northernhighlands.org



    This is an intensive course for students with one year previous coursework in black and white photography.  The use of photography as an expressive tool is approached by study and application of advanced methods.  Students also experiment with specialized photo chemistry and alternative processes.  They learn to select print papers, film and processes that enhance image quality.  While creating both teacher assigned and self generated independent projects, students create a cumulative portfolio of their best work.  All projects must show growth in photographic technique and exploration of one’s area of interest. Emphasis is given to conceptual and technical development, while students prepare work for an art show in the spring, an artist’s statement and final portfolio.


    Instruction and course activities have been planned to enable students to:

    Expose technically correct negatives and develop them using the proper chemicals and procedures.

    Perform experimental manipulation on images.

    Identify photographs and photographers.

    Use appropriate vocabulary and be able to identify specialized equipment and materials.

    Create prints with visually strong images that show originality, command attention, engage viewer interest and are well composed.

    Use self-motivation as a tool to create original work.

    Create a ‘voice’ in your images which distinguish and identify you as an artist

    Create a portfolio of work that can be used for college admissions.



                3 Ring Binder

    Camera 35 mm with manual functions

                Journal (sketchbook)

                Rubber gloves (see safety agreement)

    Portfolio/Presentation book (approx 11 x 14) and can be purchased at art supply store for about $15)

    Digital Camera (optional)


    Behavior:  (all school rules apply)

                Be on time for class.

                Listen carefully to instruction.

    Complete assignments promptly.

                Return tools or supplies to their proper location.

                Rubber gloves and safety goggles must be worn when using chemicals

                Clean up your workspace and equipment after use

                Respect others (teacher and students), supplies and materials

    Safety (zero tolerance for ‘fooling around’ in darkroom and with chemicals)

                No food or drink in class

                Raise your hand

    Outside of class time, permission must be obtained to use darkroom (no visitors)

                Come to class prepared to work (make good use of class time)


    The following consequences will occur if class rules are broken:


                Detention after school

                Detention after school and call home

                Referral to office (central detention & call home)

                All of the above and Saturday detention


    Grading Policy:

    Projects: Approx 100 points

    Critique: Approx  20 points

    Journals: 20-100 points (varies depending on assignment)

    Homework: Approx 20 points (includes film in on due date, assignments and materials handed in etc)


    To ascertain your grade add the total number of points you earn and divide it by the total amount of points that could have been earned. For example, if you earn 280 pts. out of 325 pts., your grade will be 86%.


    If projects are not turned in within in 2 weeks of due date, they will not be accepted and will result in a ‘0’

    When projects are complete, an evaluation form will be issued with final prints. You will have the opportunity for self-evaluation along with instructor evaluation.  Instructor makes final decision on grade, but will allow for student input. 

    There will be tests on various topics.  Notes and handouts must be kept in your binder.  There is a final project for this class, the format will be determined and discussed at a later date.

    Because there are more students than darkroom facilities, you will be divided into groups.  Each group will be assigned a specified day in the darkroom (ex A Day B Day).   Switching days is not permitted unless approved by instructor.

    Searching For a Camera

    You should already have a camera for this class.  Below are some locations where you may obtain a camera if you need to replace it.

    Please note that you will not be able to keep your camera in the classroom when you are not using it.  You are responsible for it and you must take it with you at the end of class.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

    Bergen County Camera

    270 Westwood Ave

    Westwood NJ 07675



    Wholesale Photo

    Midland Park Shopping Center

    85 Godwin Ave

    Midland Park, NJ 07432



    B & H Photo

    800.606.6969 / 212.444.6615


    349 West 34th Street between 8th & 9th Ave.

    New York, NY

    Ebay is also a good place to look!!!

Last Modified on June 18, 2020