·        Ultimate Frisbee is a Physical Education Activity Class for grades 10-12.  The class will complete a 10-12 minute run twice a week. 

    ·        Students are expected to come prepared to participate and work to the best of their ability each day. 

    ·        Weather permitting; the class will take place outside.  Please make sure to dress appropriately.


    Class Objectives:

    Students will:

    ·        acquire a broad range of fundamental and specific skills needed in Frisbee.

    ·        demonstrate the ability to follow safety rules while participating in Ultimate Frisbee.

    ·        apply recently refined skills to a modified game setting.

    ·        analyze their roles in a game based situation.

    ·        achieve personalized level of physical fitness

    ·        exhibit knowledge of rules and scoring during a competitive game


    Each class period consists of the following:

    ·        Warm-up (run or multi joint warm ups)

    ·        Skill and safety review

    ·        Games


    Skills that will be covered in this class include:

    Week 1: Passing/catching, playing defense

    Week 2: Modified game play

    Weeks 3 and 4: Games/Tournament



    For the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, please click on the link below:

    Ultimate Frisbee Rules



Last Modified on March 28, 2017