Walking is a physical education elective offered to students in grades 10-12.  Weather permitting; this class will take place out side for the remainder of the marking period.  The walking course was designed to introduce the benefits of power walking to the students. 




    Students will:

    ·         Demonstrate the appropriate technique for power walking.

    ·         compare and contrast the benefits of walking as a cardiovascular activity

    ·         be introduced to a variety of training techniques designed to achieve different goals in personal fitness.



    The goals of the class will vary from day to day.

    ·         Pedometers: a certain number of steps should be achieved in order to earn full credit for the day.

    o        Ex: 3800-4000 for an A, 3600-3799 for a B, 3400-3599 for a C, 3200-3399 for a D, fewer than 3200 F


    ·         Track: a certain number of laps should be completed in order to earn full credit for the day.

    o        Ex: 8 for an A, 7 for a B, 6 for a C , 5 for a D, 4 or less F


    ·         Heart Rate: students will learn to calculate their target heart rate zone and when “spot” checked need to be in their zone.

    o        Ex: In the zone for an A, 5 beats per minute less for a B, 10 beats per minute less for a C, 15 BPM less for a D, more than 15 BPM less F

Last Modified on September 9, 2019