• HV
    Love Make the World Go Round by Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Emily Pellecchia - S1, Top
    Ariana Eftimiu - S1, Bottom
    Sydney Hogue - S2, (Top of Belt Trio p. 13, Letter H)
    Stephanie Contreras -S2, (Middle of Belt Trio p. 13, Letter H)
    Kate Karmen - A1 Top
    Penny Keeble - Alto 1 Bottom
    Alyssa Talmo - Alto 2 
    Laura Granada - Alto 2 (Bottom of Belt Trio p. 13, Letter H)
    Sanai Fowler - T1
    Fifi Alao - T1
    Thomas Finan - T2
    Lucas Guzman - Bari/Bass (sing top when part splits)
    Patrick Keeble - Bass
    Solos, VP & Rapper will be chosen later
    Here is the link to the sheet music and learning tracks Use headphones, learning tracks are panned to make your part stand out.
    2020-2021 Highlands Voices!
    CONGRATULATIONS on being accepted into one of the top high school a cappella groups in the nation!

    Fiyinfoluwa Alao

    Stephanie Contreras

    Ariana Eftimiu

    Thomas Finan

    Sanai Fowler

    Laura Granada

    Lucas Guzman

    Sydney Hogue

    Kate Karmen

    Penny Keeble

    Patrick Keeble

    Emily Pellecchia

    Alyssa Talmo
Last Modified on December 9, 2020