• CAD 2 
    For the 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR
    Welcome Back!!

    AutoCAD 2022 will be loaded  onto your laptops!!!!



    NJIT College Credits for CAD 2
    As part of  the CAD 2 course Junior and Senior students are eligible to earn 2 college credits through NJIT's Options for Advanced Academic Achievement (OA3) Program.
    NJIT Options Brochure =- download and read this brochure. There is no form to fill out just a check for the course as outlined below.
    You must pay the fee for this two credit course by 9/10 Friday - bring the check in an envelope to Mr. Mugno who is the administrator liaison for this program. I cannot accept anything after this date - not my rule NJIT's rule!!
    Make the checks payable to “NJIT Pre-College Programs” in the amount of $300.00
             This is an optional program and the requirements are that you need to earn a B average (83) or better for the year in the CAD 2 course in order to receive these credits.

    Course Requirements for 21-22:

    Print out this syllabus and place in the first section of your binder. 

      Grade Log Sheet - downlaod and keep in your network and google drive for this course that you will make. You will type in your information and keep a project log of the assigned drawing information on these sheets.

    (Two) Supplies for the Course:
     1. Binder 1.5" (explained in course requirements and a Drafting pencil that holds 2mm lead)
       Binders will be divided into these 7 sections:

                            Section One:             Course Syllabus

                                     Section Two:             Notes (20 sheets of lined paper) - date your notes - may keep on your computer
                                       Section Three:          Class Handouts

                            Section Four:            Quizzes (about 15 sheets of lined paper)

                                         Section Five:             Homework
                                           Section Six:               Sketches/Projects

                             Section Seven:          CAD Portfolio (Grade Log will be kept in Google Drive Folder that will be set up)


    Each of the sections will be labelled with a paper insert into the tab with the above names.

            Place clear tape over the ends of the tabs so the paper does not fall out.



    2. Drafting Pencil (one that holds 2mm lead can be purchased at the following stores - Staples, drug stores such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, & Amazon


    Binder Check       9/8 Wednesday (pass/fail grade)
    Student/Parent Contract Signed 9/8 Wednesday  (pass/fail grade)  
    Drafting Pencil (one that holds 2mm lead - Staples, drug stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Pearl Paint, School Store) due   9/8 Wednesday (pass/fail grade)
    Binder Check #2 9/10 Friday (pass/fail grade)
    Lettering Technique TOM Q VAXY.pdf - print out and place in your binders - handouts section
     Lettering #1          9/9 Thursday Lettering Hmk One.pdf
     Lettering #2          9/13 Monday  Lettering Hmk Two.pdf
      Lettering #3          9/16 Thursday  Lettering HMK #3 Numbers.pdf


    Measuring            9/9 Thursday

    Leads and lines, Machine Operation, and Orthographic Projections -- Thurs. Sept 27
    Radial Objects and Dimensioning   10/
     Isometric Drawings - 10/
    CAD  commands Isometric drawings, split method, dimensioning and ellipses - 12/    

    Right Corner Method - 11/
    Oblique Drawings - 12/


    Paper and Pencil Drawings


     Glass Box Method Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0bi5HPbcWA

    Titlebox Handout PDF - print out and place in handout section of binder


    Plate #1 p159 #2 Sketch due 9/15       TD 9/20  LD 9/21

    Plate One - PDF Handout
    Dimension Notes -PDF 2 sided handout - Be sure to print out and place in your binders

    Plate #2 From Handout   TD 9/27 LD  9/28

    Plate Two - PDF Handout

    Plate #3 Orthographic Projection (Bearing)  TD 10/4   LD 10/5

     Use circle template/guide for constructing 3/4 DIA circles, Arcs are drawn with the compass
    Plate 3 -  PDF Handout
    Plate #4 Isometric Sketch  #1 (Lock Finger)      TD 10/   LD 10/ 
    From PDF for Plate #3
    Full Circle you will use the ellipse construction method. The arcs will be constructed with the templates, guides.
    Notes on Dimensioning- PDF of Notes 

    Some of this work will need to be completed at home on your laptops and be sure to set up the proper file set up that is outlined in the course syllabus.


    Remember to keep an up to date inventory sheet on google sheets and make PDF's of each drawing after you finish it
    This will be part of your semester CAD Portfolio grade!!

    Titlebox PDF
    download, print out to construct both titlebox drawings below (Exercise#1 and #2)
    Exercise #1 12x18 border and titlebox 11/

    Exercise #2 18x24 border and titlebox 11/
    Exercise #3 Sunburst  11/ Sunburst PDF  11/


    Exercise#6 Auxiliary View of a Truncated Block 



    #1 Plate #1 (Holder)  11/ 15 - 12x18 File
    #2 Split Method - Split Method Layout  PDF print the PDF out and place in your notes 
       -  Plate #2 Cutter Holder Shoe 11/17 - 18x24 File
    #3 Right Corner Method - Right Corner Method PDF -  (Bearing) 11/21 - 18x24 File  
    #4 PG. 161#3 From Handout (Handout PDF - print out) (Operating Arm - Isometric) 11/28  - 12x18 File
    #5 PG 161#4 (Connector) 12/1 - 18x24 File
     TEST - CAD  Commands, Isometric drawings, split method, dimensioning and ellipses - 12/2 Friday    
    #6 PG 159 #2 (Holder) Oblique Perspective 12/5 - 18x24 File PDF Oblique Method Layout
    QUIZ- OBLIQUE 12/6 

    Perspective Drawings

      Exercise#4 One Point Perspective of a cube 12/7
    One point perspective cube -PDF - print out and follow along with your handouts/notes

    #7  One Point of the Arch  12/9- 18x24 File  Roman Arch Model .pdf

    #8  One point of the Special Key (from handout) 12/8 - 18x24 File  Special Key PDF

       Exercise#5 Two Point Perspective of a cube 12/15

    2 Point Cube PDF - print out and follow along with your handouts/notes
    #9 Two point perspective Holder  12/19 18x24 File
    Test: 12/16 Thursday on One and Two Point Perspective Drawings
    Triangle Manufacturing Field Trip Forms & the $5 Transportation Fee - Due by Friday 12-16 -16
    Axonometric Drawings
    #10 Axonometric (Holder) 12/20
    #11 Axonometric (Check Block) 1/2
    #12 Dimetric (Holder) 1/2
    #13 Dimetric (Check Block) 1/2
    #14 Trimetric (Holder) 1/3
    #15 Trimetric Guide 1/3
    Quiz -  1/5 Axonometric Drawings 
    Problems for CAD Drawings - pdf format for Auxiliary Views
     Exercise #6    1/5
    #16  Auxiliary view #3 1/6 - 18 x24 File 
    #17 Aux View #15 1/9 - 18 x 24 File
    #18 Aux View #22 1/10 (PER 6) 11 (PER 3) - 18 x 24File
    #19 Aux View #29 1/12 - 18 x 24 File - Full Auxiliary View Drawings
    #20 Aux View #30 1/13 - 18 X 24 File - Full Auxiliary View Drawings
    Extra Credit - Aux view #31  1/12  - 18x24 file
    Auxiliary View Quiz - 1/17 Tuesday
    Sectional Drawings
    For each sectional view drawing please down load the PDF and sketch the sectional view on the print out for class.
    For Homework - Sketch the front sectional view from the PDF below - due 1/18
    #21  Full Section Drawing from handout 1/20 - 12x18 File
    #22 Half Section Drawing (Cup Washer)from handout 1/24 12x18 File due 1/30
    For Homework - Sketch the front sectional view from the PDF below - due 1/23 

    #23 Broken Out Section (Saddle Block) from handout 2/3 when you walk in - 12x18 File due 2/1
    For Homework - Sketch the front sectional view from the PDF below - due 
    #23 Revolved Section (Lever Hub) from handout 3/6 18x24File
    Sectional 3 view and isometric drawings of this object 
    For Homework - Sketch the front sectional view from the PDF below - due 2/26
    Revolved Section PDF
    #24 Removed Section (Table Dog) from handout 12x18 File due 2/6
    For Homework - Sketch the sectional view (is the right side view) from the PDF below - due 2/3
    #25 Offset Section from handout 12x18 File due 2/8
    For Homework - Sketch the front sectional view from the PDF below - due 2/7




    Full/Half Sections 1/24

     Broken Out/Revolved 3/6
    Broken Out/Removed/Offset 2/8 Thursday


    Three Dimensional Rendered drawings


    #26  Full Section 2/13

    #27 Half Section 2/14
    #28 Broken Out Section 2/14

    #26 Revolved Section  3/1

    #29 Removed Section  2/15

    #30 Offset Section  2/15
    Print Instructions - These are the directions for printing out a 3D model with the 3D printer 
    Bring in a Shoe Box for CO2 Car Materials - one per group by 3/6!! 



     - Think about who you want to partner up with and let me know by 3/3



     CO2 CAR COMPETITION May 4th  - (Thursday) at 7:00PM in Corcoran Gym


    CO2 CAR COMPETITION CRITERIA/RULES  - print out and put in your binders

    Problem Solving/Design Loop - print out and put in your binders


     CO2 Car Report.- due by March 15th (click on this link for criteria)


    3 possible solution CAD drawings due by 3/21:     CO2 Car Template File - click on this link and open in AutoCAD for your possible solution drawings

    Example PDF drawings: Example,  Example #2

    #1 due by 3/9  - CAD #31

    #2 due by  3/15 - CAD#32
    #3 due by 3/21- CAD#33
    Bring in a Shoe box (1 per group) for the CO2 Car Materials due by 3/6 (Pass/Zero)

      Safety test on Woodworking machines - drill press, radial arm saw, band saw Per 6 3/23 Per 3 3/24



    Axles drilled out of cars body by 3/27
    Starting gate check 3/28


    Body of Vehicle cut out and rough sanded by 3/

     Axles/Plastic Straw cut to size by 4/

    Eye Hooks opened and installed 4/



    Trial Run #1 4/6 Thurs

    Trial Run #2  4/19 Wed. 
    Trial Run #3 4/26 Wed.  
    Trial OPEN RUN - 4/28

     CO2 vehicle painted/NASCAR decal decorated 5/2 (Tuesday)
    CO2 Time Trials 2011
                                                                                                         2014 CO2 CAR COMPETITION 
    Final Bracket - CAD File
     CO2 Documentation Work - due  5/12 Thursday - 2 class meeting to work
    CO2 CAR DOCUMENTATION - due  5/10 
                                                           3 class meeting to work 
    Chair Design Competition 2016- print out this document, read it and place in your binders,  in the notes section!
                                        Each Group Member - Five pictures of various /different style chairs with captions - Due at the beginning of class on                                          when you walk into class Monday 5/16. 
                                        Each group will hand in the following: 
    Per 1
                                                                              Possible Solution #1 & 2 due 5/18
    Prototype due 6/2
    Testing 6/3
    Documentation Due 6/9 

    Cardboard Chair Results Period 1

    2014 RESULTS
                                                                                                                              Per 3 Stats/Grades 
                                                                                                                                        Per 7 Stats/Grades 



    FINAL EXAM - ????


    Final Exam Review - print out and place in your binder




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