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    FRIDAY - NOV 25th 2016 11:00AM   13th Annual Alumni Game
    NEWS - 12th Annual Alumni Game
    The game returned after last years cancellation due to the 3" of snow on the turf field. Wow what a difference a year makes, this year it was 60* and sunny - felt like October. We had 28 Alumnus show up covering the decades of 1960's, 1980's, 1990's 2000's, and 2010 to present.Coach Pize unfortunately was not able to make it this year after celebrating his 80th birthday earlier in the month (not the reason why his car broke down). The odd team was winning 3-1 and controlled most of the game this year with the likes of Danny Aversano, Alec Lam, and Greg Lloyd leading the way to up their record to 8-4 over the even year squad. The friendly match showcased some very nifty passes and goals on both sides. Fun was had by all and we look to do this again next year so please pass the word along to yuor fellow commrades!!

    NEWS - 11th Annual Alumni Game
    The even years prevailed in this years game 12-5 - it was an old fashioned shootout.  We played a short field this time around that lent itself to the high schoring affair were Adam Boyajian (Class of '08) scored a hat trick (Coach Naughter wishes he did the same for him!). So the even years got one this time (4-7)
    We had over 25 alumnus show up this year on this cold Black Friday from the 1960's (Randy Pendergrast), 1970's (Bill Tannis, his brother, and Jay Blodgett early 1970's), 1990's (Pete Manke, Todd Councilor, Scott McKim) and many almnus from the 2000's!
    The Legend Coach John Pietrowski "Pize" (1965-1992) showed up again this year making the trip all teh way up from his hometown of Ewing,NJ. Once again he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on May 4th along with GK Brett Steinberg (1997-2000).
    Photos below are courtesy of Mr. Craig McKim - his three sons played (Thomas '95, Brent and Scott '98 classes)

    NEWS - 10th Annual Alumni Game
    The odd years prevailed once again 4-2.  The game was well played by both sides but the odd years used their wisdom and expereince to beat the younger even year squad.  The scoring opened with Dan Amatuzzi (2001) scoring a rocket of a shot from the top of thebox on a half volley from Jamie Moreng (2001). Greg Lloyd (2007) tallied the 2nd and 4th goals of the game for the odd year and Nick Maghenzani (2009) scored the 3rd.  Jude Calixte (2006) played both goal and the forward (just like he did for Highlands) scored the 1st goal for the even team to cut the lead to 3-1 in the 3rd quarter but Pete Manke (1991) backed up goalkeeper Brett Steinberg (2001) to clear a would be goal off the goal line in the 3rd quarter - big play for the odd team! The odd years record improved to 7-3.
    We had 30 alumni show up along with the Legend Coach John Pietrowski "Pize" (1966 -1992), all except one decade  (1970's) was represented - 1960's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's.  
    Afterwards we went over to the AB&G for some refreshments and food and we had about 15 people show up there with their friends and families and reminisced some more! Thanks to all those who took part in this years alumni game and please pass the word along and email me your updated info.
    NEWS - 9th Annual Alumni Game
     The odd year alumni finally got one winning 5-3 in a very well played game for some OLD (Alumnus from the 1967,68,69, 1972, 1982 teams and of course Coach Pize, NEW - players from this years team - Andrew Mammunes and Steven DiBella, BORROWED (Michael Minnucci - ex football player at Highlands who turned from the dark side (football)to the bright side (soccer) in college) and BLUE ( a few of the older alumni after running up and down the field a couple of times - Eric Holland, Pete Menkhe to name a couple). It was the first time since I started running this game that we had an alumnus representing each decade of teams here at Northern Highlands (1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's). Our turnout was excellent  again with about 32 alumnus plus 5 ex-coaches showing up (Mike Saffran 1996-2006, Pat Noto 1997-2006, Greg MacDonald coached only 1 year in 2001 after retiring from the Girls program, Colby Mulkeen 2004-2006 and of course the legend Coach Pize 1966-1992)  Greg Lloyd (2006) and Nick Maghenzani (2009) each scored two goals giving the odd years a 6-3 record.
    NEWS - 8th Annual Alumni Game
    The 8th annual Alumni game this year had the biggest turn out yet with over 50 + alumni coming out to play a very good game of soccer and reminice about their glory days. In attendance this year was the legendary 1st Northern Highlands boys soccer coach Coach John Pietrowski - aka Pize.  He was the coached at Highlands from 1966 when the school opened until 1992 compiling over 250 wins, numerous league titles, 2 county championship game appeareances, 3 state sectional titles and 1 state championship game appearance. He is a member of the Bergen County Hall of Fame, New Jersey Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame and has won 8 National Champioships as a coach with Mercer Community College since retiring from Highlands.  We had alumnus from the 1970's (John Gilchrest, whom coach Pize recognized right away!), 1980's, 1990's and 2000's show up. Guys traveled from as far away as Washington DC and this year MAINE!!
    The game was won by the even year graduates 3-2 on making their record 3-5 (edge still being held by the odd years). The even team had a 2-0 lead in the first 20 minutes of play on goals by Will Mazzuto (2003) and ??(I missed who scored the second goal - I was catching up with Pize and alumni).  As a coach you always know a 2-0 is never a safe lead (neither is 4-0 just ask Wayne Hills in 2002 - 5-4 in OT!)The play was even for the the next 30 minutes until Adam Boyajian (2008) scored on a diving header - way to lay it out there Adam!  Then Shigeru Aoe hooked up with James Nylund (both Class of 2002) for the tying goal - reminiscent of James's 1st career goal against league favorite Pascack Valley in the 2001 season when we upset them 1-0 in the first game if the year! The winning goal was socred by ?? ( I was getting waiver forms signed!).
    Afterwards we went over to the AB&G for some refreshments and food and we had over 30 people show up there with their freinds and families and reminisced some more! Thanks to all those who took part in this years alumni game and please pass the word along and email me your updated info.
    Photos -
    NEWS - 7th Annual Alumni Game

    The 7th annual alumni game took place on Friday November 27th at Northern Highlands turf field.  The odd year graduates won the game 5-3 giving the odd year graduates a 5-2 record over the even year grads.  Once again we had over 30 alumni show up with guys travelling from as far away as Washington DC and even Massachusetts!!  The game was hotly contested in the final period of play with the even year team pulling with in a goal on Will Mazzuto's notable run through the ball and keeper to score (reminiscent of the Tenafly State quarterfinal game in 2002!).  But the odd years on the scoring of Rick Burns (Class of 94 - 2 goals and one assist) where too much to handle as they pulled out a 5-3 victory. 

    Pictures - Alumni Group Picture
                   Members of the classes of '93 and '94
                   Coach Noto, Coach Mulkeen and Jude Calixte '05
                   Class of '93 and '94 Alumn
                   Mulanaphy '04 and Betancourt "00
                  Morrissey '94 and Edelman '95

    The 4th annual Alumni Game took place on Sunday June 4th at Northern Highlands. The even year graduates won 5-3 in 48 minutes of furious, hard nose, skilled soccer.  They evened their record to 2-2 against the odd year graduates.  Fun was had by all at the social on Saturday night and at the game Sunday. 
    The 5th annual Alumni Game took place this past Sunday June 10th at Northern Highlands. The odd year graduates pulled out the victory 6-5 in sudden death OT after playing 40 minutes of up and down soccer.  Fun once again was had by all.
    The 6th annual Alumni Game took place this past Friday November 28th on the new turf field at Highlands.  The odd years pulled out the game once again in dramatic fashion 4-3 coming back after being down 3-2 in the last period of play.  We had a great turnout with over 30 alumni coming out from all over NJ and as far away as Washington D.C.!  Fun was had by all.
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