• Project Adventure I

    Period 1-
    Fill out Full Value Contract and bring it to class Tuesday Oct. 4th
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    Project Adventure I: Journal Assignment due Thursday 10/27
    Your journal entry should be typed and at least one page in length. It may be double spaced and you must use a 12 point font.
    These papers are an opportunity for you to reflect on you Project Adventure experiences in class.  The assignment should include your thoughts and feelings about the tasks you were asked to complete.  Questions to answer include:
    What role did you take in certain activities? 
    Were you a leader? 
    Were you frustrated because people in your class were not paying attention or not participating the way you would have liked?  What were your likes/ dislikes for each activity? 
    What could you have done differently?
    How did the activity make you feel? 
    You may choose which activities you wish to write about. 

    The following is a list of the activities completed in class:

    Birthday Line-up


    The Wall

    Beach ball Activity

    Jump Rope Challenge

    Human Knot

    Line Tag

    Everybody Up

    Blob Tag


    Count - to - 10


    Whale Watcher



     Project Adventure is a required part of the 9th grade Physical Education curriculum.  This course includes activities that promote self-esteem, personal confidence, respect and trust in others.  It also enhances problem-solving skills and develops skills essential for working within a group.

                Project Adventure students are expected to apply all necessary safety guidelines.  Students participate at their own level of comfort and follow the Full Value Contract.   Upon completion of each activity, students will reflect on their experience.  Each student will write about these experiences in two journal entries.

    The class will complete a 10 - 12 minute run twice a week.  Students are expected to come prepared to participate and work to the best of their ability each day.  Weather permitting; the class will take place outside for the remainder of the marking period.  Please make sure to dress appropriately.

    Class Objectives:

    Students will:

    ·          apply rules and etiquette in all adventure activities

    ·          incorporate value and respect to the experience at all times.

    ·          demonstrate respectful behaviors toward self, peers, and adults that are consistent with the Full Value Contract.

    ·          agree to work together with the group and support group and individual goals.

    ·          work constructively with others to accomplish a goal in a group activity demonstrating consideration for others.

    ·          become reliable members of the group by offering each other physical and emotional support.

    ·          demonstrate how progressive personal challenges within a safe environment can lead to increased self-awareness and learning opportunities.

    ·          articulate effective communication negotiation and conflict resolution for resolving potential problems.

    ·          collaborate and plan to achieve common goals.

    ·          implement effective problem solving strategies to accomplish group tasks.

    ·          challenge themselves while respecting their own strengths and weaknesses.

    ·          understand how Adventure activities can provide opportunities to demonstrate leadership and express feelings.

    ·          support others during individual challenges.

    ·          execute proper safety guidelines.

    Each class period consists of the following:

    Warm-up (run or multi joint warm ups)

    Skill and safety review

    Icebreakers, Initiatives, Games, Problem Solving, and Trust Activities.

    Skills that will be covered in this class include:

            Creating Community


            Building Trust


            Problem Solving

            Leadership and Confidence

            Risk Taking


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