Northern Highlands Regional HS

Dedicated to Excellence in Education

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  • Principal's Message

    Northern Highlands has a long tradition of academic excellence and the school’s reputation for scholarly achievement is complemented by Highlands’ placement of students in colleges and universities around the nation.  This is not possible if it was not for the collective efforts of our administration, teachers, staff, and parent organizations who remain dedicated to the success of our students and steadfast in providing a safe and caring learning environment for all.

    Our rich academic program challenges every student to set and obtain ambitious, intellectual, and personal goals, and our extensive co-curricular programs provide physical and social avenues to match a wide range of student interests.  Northern Highlands offers many opportunities, and students are encouraged to reflect upon their passions and challenge themselves with all that our school has to offer.  It is our goal to develop the whole child so that every student can learn, grow, contribute, and flourish.