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      CP BIOLOGY  
Welcome to College Prep Bio!
You will need: 
     1) a 3-ring binder - helps organization
       - use dividers to separate chapters
    2) a calculator (simple 4-function is fine)
    3) a LAB NOTEBOOK    
  If you have one from last year, you may use it.
       If you need a new one, get the type shown below:
            - hard-cover "quad-ruled" 
            - looks like a composition book but has
                graph paper inside  
         -  must be sewn pages, not glued or spiral  
     (do not bring the wrong kind and ask if it is okay - it is not)  
     - available in our school store or office supply stores   
 lab book              
    Get your lab book NOW.  DOUBLE-PERIOD LABS START early in September
Important Documents:
   (saved web resources from 2014-2015)
         Stated simply: What is evolution?  
         Stated simply:  What is natural selection?  
          Adaptive radiations      
          convergent evolution 
          Population genetics 
          Kahn Academy (basics)
          McGraw-Hill:  compare mitosis and meiosis 
          McGraw-Hill: stages of meiosis 
          biology review games, index 
          Great Pacific Media, meiosis 
      helpful websites: one cell, microscope   
           Cell Cycle   
           Cancer cells and normal cells 
           Crash course, Cell Division 
    Powerpoint (online - very good)
                    photosynthesis  overview
                    Campbell overview
                    Crash Course (Hank)    
                    light reactions       
                    Calvin cycle  
                    limiting factors
    scroll down for Power Point and review websites.  Here are a few more
            leaf structure 
           Photosynthesis basics 
    Helpful websites:
       Inside a leaf 
       Reactions that use light  
       Reactions that make sugar   
  Helpful review websites:
       Crash Course Membrane Transport  
       Membrane Structure and Function
       Gas Exchange by Diffusion   
     helpful websites:  Crash Course http:// 
           Voyage inside the cell http://  
           Cell Structure and Function review (quizlet)   http://
           Cell Self-Quiz Biology Place     http:// 
          Cell Parts Jeopardy Review 
    Crash Course Biomolecules    http:// 
       Crash Course - Water and its Properties
           Properties of Water   http://
          Crash Course - Water and its Properties
           Properties of Water   http://
Important Documents:
NJ Biology Competency Test: Info and Practice Tests
Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
New York State Regents Exams
 Info:  New Jersey Department of Education


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